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Leave Your Tracks in History
- Submitted by Jean Vermette


* What does it mean to be a Native American or African-American
growing up in a small town in Maine?

* What does it mean to be a gay mill worker,

* or a lesbian migrant blueberry picker,

* or a native Mainer growing up in rural Maine facing questions
of sexuality alone?

* What does it mean to grow up "different" in coastal Maine or
the Islands?

* What does it mean to be a single, gay parent living in a remote

We are requesting submissions of stories about the life
experiences of any minority group that lives in rural Maine.
Maine will benefit from a greater understanding of what it is
like to live in rural areas as a member of a minority group.

We are also collecting stories of sexual minority populations.
Throughout the campaigns for lesbian and gay civil rights, it has
become clear that there is a perception that gay people in Maine
do not suffer discrimination. One purpose of this project is to
collect stories of discrimination as told by the people who
experience it. If you have such a story, whether you are gay,
lesbian, bisexual, transgender or an ally, you can be a part of
dispelling the myth that Maine does not discriminate against
people who are perceived to be gay.

We need stories to be in writing or on tape. Your name will be
withheld on request, but the stories must be available for
publication, archival donation, research and/or educational purposes.

For more information about this project, please contact:
Naomi Winterfalcom, Maine Rural Network
51 Shore Rd., Standish, ME 04084, phone:
207-642-2015, email:

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