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April Ashley's Odyssey
-A. Ashley & D. Fallowell

April has SRS in 1960 and later married
an englishman. In a later divorce, she lost
all rights, because 'legally' she was a man.

Art & Illusion Companion
-JoAnn Roberts, PhD

no description given

Art & Illusion;
A Guide To Crossdressing

-JoAnn Roberts, PhD

Techniques for style, makeup and body
movements for TG's (transgendered).

Art Of Beauty, The

no description given

Aspects Of Gender
-Lesley Gordon

no description given

Bliss Of Becoming One, The
-Rachel Miller

A hetero CD pens positive, supportive
advice for CD's, partners, friends, family
and society.

Brain Sex
-A. Moir, PhD

A radical reappraisal of the relation-
ship between the sexes, claims that
men and women are different because
their brains are different.

Color Me Beautiful

no description given

Comparative Study
-Bullough, Bullough & Smith

no description given

-Jan Morris

a biography

Crossdressing, Sex & Gender
-Bonnie & Vern Bullough

Bullough's 30 years of research
for explanation of crossdressing.

Crossdressing With Dignity
-Peggy J. Rudd, EdD

Can a man transcend gender lines
and maintain his own sense of self-
worth and dignity? Book addresses
these conflicts, and offers solutions.

Cross Purposes
-Vanessa S.

On being christian and transgendered.

Dealing With Your Feelings
-Dallas Denny, M.A.

A guide to coming out for persons
with gender dysphoria.

Deciding What To Do About
Your Gender Dysphoria

-Dallas Denny, M.A.

Some considerations for those who
are thinking about sex-reassignment.

Discovering Who You Are
-Dallas Denny, M.A.

Self-assessment for persons with
gender dysphoria.

Employer's Guide To Gender
Transition, The

-Dana Cole

Transsexual transition in the workplace.

Fantastic Women
-Annie Woodhouse

no description given

Female To Male
-Leslie Martin Lothstein

no description given

-Susan Brownmiller

Examines the notion of femininity
causes and effects throughout history
and the personal experiences of
the author.

Feminizing Hormonal Therapy
For The Transgendered

-Dr. Sheila Kirk, M.D.

Most highly reccomended resource on
hormone therapy.

From Masculine To Feminine
And All Points In Between

-Jennifer Anne Stevens

A practical guide for all TG's, who
choose to develop a more feminine image.

Gender Bending (F2M)
-Holly Devor

Examines the social construct of gender
and its implications on the lives of
gender bending females and society in

Gender Bending (M2F)
-Holly Devor

Examines the social construct of gender
and its implications on the lives of
gender bending males and society in

Gender Dysphoria;
Development, Research, Management

edited by Betty W. Steiner

For mental health professionals, working
in the field of gender identity, and those
with a serious interest in gender dysphoria.

Gender Outlaw
-Kate Bornstein

A fresh perspective on the fluidity of
gender definition.

-Dr. Sheila Kirk, M.D.

An informative and comprehensive text
on the positive and negative aspects of
hormonal treatment.

How To Be A Good
Legal Consumer

-Naomi Owen, J.D.

How to find, and behave, when
selecting legal help for gender dysphoria.

How To Be A Good
Medical Consumer

-Dr. Sheila Kirk, M.D.

How to find, and behave, when
selecting a physician for gender

How To Be A Woman, Though Male
-Virginia Prince, PhD

A guide dealing with the basics
of male to female crossdressing.

How To Impersonate A Woman
-Michael Salem

A handbook on makeup and dress for
the male to female crossdresser.

In A Different Voice
-Carol Gilligan

A psychological theory and history
of women's development. This book
attempts to explain the perception
of the female psyche throughout history
and methods of exploring and under-
standing her true, inner self.

Information For The Male-To-Female
Crossdresser And Transsexual

-Lou Sullivan

Addresses the unique issues and needs
of the female-to-male TG.
Includes tips, info on hormones, etc.

In Search Of Eve
-Anne Bolin

Transsexual rites of passage.
A collection of anecdotes and scientific
data dealing with the TS, from
first knowledge to post-op.

Invisibles, The
-Zia Jaffey

no description given

Legal Aspects Of Transsexualism
-Sr. Mary Elizabeth, SSE

Primary reference concerning legal issues
and precedents.

Life With Vanessa
-Vanessa & Linda Kaye


Making Faces
-Kevin Aucoin

Makeup tips.

Man & Woman; Boy & Girl
-J. Money & Anke Ehrhardt

no description given

Man In The Red Velvet Dress, The
-J.J. Allen

Insights into crossdressing and the gender
community, as told by a cross dresser.

Masculinizing Hormonal Therapy
For The Transgendered

-Dr. Sheila Kirk, M.D.

Current and accurate info on male hormone

Medical, Legal & Workplace
Issues For The TS

-Dr. Sheila Kirk, M.D., and
Martine Aliana Rothblatt, JD

The latest legal, medical and surgical
procedures for the TS transitional process.

Miss Vera's Finishing School
-Veronica Vera

no description given

My Husband Wears My Clothes
-Peggy J. Rudd, EdD

Addresses many of the questions asked
by spouses, families and friends, and
explores the related emotions, that range
from frustration to elation.

My Story
-Caroline "Tula" Cossey

A frank and uninhibited narrative of her
life as a transsexual. A tale of 2 battles;
a woman's fight for the body she needs to
survive, and her struggle against ignorance
for the rights she deserves.

-Virginia Woolf

Story covers 4 centuries in which an
english nobleman suddenly becomes a
beautiful woman.

-Phoebe Smith


Physicians's Guide To Transgendered

-Dr. Sheila Kirk, M.D.

For professionals.

Promotable Woman, The
-Norma Carr-Ruffino

The skills needed for a woman to survive
and prosper in the business world.

Psychology Of Sex Differences, The

no description given

Real Beauty, Real Women
-Kathleen Walas

A workbook for making the best of your
own good looks. Fashion and makeup info.

-Merissa Sherrill Lynn

no description given

Roberta Cowell's Story
-Roberta Cowell

Robert was a race-car driver, RAF pilot,
and father of two. Later becoming a whole
person in Roberta.

Second Serve
-Dr. Renee Richards

Life story of the author.

Sexual Signatures;
On Being A Man Or A Woman

no description given

Standards Of Care
-Dr. Harry Benjamin, M.D.

Guide lines to working professionals
for care of TS's before hormonal
or surgical sex reassignment.

To Be A Woman
-Jerri McClain

no description given

Toward A New Psychology Of Women
-Dr. Jean Baker Miller, M.D.

The author sets out to recognize,
redefine, and understand the day-to-day
lives of women, mental and emotional,
reflect the social and political system.

Towards A Recognition Of Androgeny
-Carolyn G. Heilbrun

Three essays by the author seek to
define the greek word which, to her,
suggests a spirit of reconcilliation
between the sexes.

Crossdressers & Those Who Love Them

-Mariette Pathy Allen

Beautiful pictures of CD's and their

Transsexual Empire, The
-Janice G. Raymond

The making of the 'she-male'. Explains
medical and psycological procedures
used in sex reassignment operations
and brings into focus the social and
cultural context that promotes trans-
sexualism, as a solution to gender

Transsexuality In The Male
-Erwin K. Koranyi

no description given

Transsexual Phenomenon, The
-Dr. Harry Benjamin, M.D.

The 'bible' of TS's. A definitive
textbook on the whole TS condition.

Transsexual's Survival Guide, The
-JoAnn Altman Stringer

A guide mostly for the male-to-female
TS, for the period of transition and

Transvestite & His Wife, The
-Virginia Prince, PhD

All the problems and pleasures of
transvestism discussed in detail;
especially as they affect the marital

Transvestites & Transsexuals
-Deborah Heller Feinbloom

For the non-specialist, this is the best
book on the subject, includes case

TV's And TS's;
Toward A Theory Of Cross-Gender

-Dr. Richard Docter

Ten years of original research by the
author. A true friend to our community,
has written one of the finest works on the
subject of TV and TS.

Understanding Crossdressing
-Virginia Prince, PhD

The views and outlook of Dr. Prince
intended to provide a path toward

Uninvited Dilema, The
-Kim Elizabeth Stuart

Compassionatly portraying the condition
and feelings of TS's, with current
and accurate information.

Wives, Partners & Others
-Jan & Diane Dixon, ed

A collection of editorials, articles
and letters of special interest to wives
and significant others of crossdressers and
the transgendered.