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Sunday May 2, 1999 (5pm – 7pm)

Introductions… There was a small turnout, of about 9 people.

Jade mentioned her business of martial arts training, and
offered discounts to fellow TransSupport members.
International cross-dressing was discussed. Levels of acceptance
from one culture to another.

Debbie is starting some college courses, this session, for the
first time, as a full-time female. Go Get ‘Em!

Starting Saturday June 19th, is 'Gay Pride Week'. TransSupport
will make an appearance in the PARADE, but how much of a showing
depends on you, it's members... Instead of carrying a banner, this
year, Antoinette has sugguested that if we have a MINIMUM of six
people, each can carry 2 letters of "T-R-A-N-S-S-U-P-P-O-R-T".
Those available to participate, should contact Antoinette as soon
as possible, at 774-7029.

The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday June 13, 1999, 4pm
to be held in Standish at Jade’s house. First there will be a
board meeting and then a barbeque for socializing.
Those interested in attending, should contact Antoinette for
driving directions, possible ride shares, and pot-luck coordination
of the barbeque.

The meeting wrapped up one hour early, at 7pm, because of
ride-share conflicts.

Sunday June 13, 1999

We got together one hour early this month, to discuss board issues.
The first order of business was the election of Jade & Tracy, together,
sharing the duties and office of 'Secretary', with one Board vote for that office.

The next topic was regarding the desire for another Summertime get together. It
has been sugguested, by Charlotte, that Appleton, Maine would be a nice place to
gather, although whether a restaurant, a member home, or someplace else to meet
in Appleton, is an issue that is being looked into.

A group 'day-trip' to Woburn, Mass. (home of the Tiffany Club), was sugguested.
The Tiffany Group meets every 4th Tuesday of the month.
As of Friday June 25, we have emailed the Tiffany Club, regarding this matter.

Introductions (finally).....

Briefly discussed safe places, in the Southern Maine area, to socialize.

Vice President, Jean T. read a letter, received from Senator Mark W. Lawrence,
thanks TransSupport for participating in the "Quality Begins At Home" seminar,
for gay / lesibian / transgender issues, held in Augusta, a few months ago.

Since virtually nobody volunteered to march in this years "Gay Pride Parade",
we decided to rethink our approach, for next year. It has been sugguested
that we have a banner saying, "TransSupport & Friends", those who want to
march, but don't want to dress-up, can blend in, undistinguishable from the
family and or friends, who will also be marching.
Rest assured, we did have a presence at this years "Gay Pride" events; our
faithfull President, Antoinette gave a speech.

When the 'meeting' part was over, we PARTIED! The barbeque was a SUCCESS!
The conversation was EXCELLENT! And there were FOUR birthday cakes!

NEXT MONTHS MEETING will be held at the Brunswick location, as usual.
July 11, 1999 at 5pm. Hope to see you there!

Sunday July 11, 1999

No new faces at the table, no introductions needed.

It was brought up that we need to take trips as a group, and
suggested again that the 'Tiffany Club' in Woburn might be a
good place to start. Robin, our treasurer has volunteered to
gather information in this area, specifically as to an event
called "The Fall Fling", held in or near Woburn, Massachussets.

Discussion leaned toward 'Maine TransSupport' having one or two
annual events, ourselves. Our community needs something like
this as a social setting outside of a church basement, and not
as intimate as someone's home because it would be open to the
public, and hopefully HIGHLY publisized. A convention-type event
held at a hotel or perhaps a club, in or around the Portland area
possibly with a guest speaker (celeb), dancing, karyoke, food and
drink; a safe enviornment to gather, socialize, teach and learn.
.....Antoinette and Jamie will check into event places and rates.
.....Some ideas for publicity included: flyers, Maine newspapers,
word of mouth, public service announcements (radio & television).
.....Some ideas for entertainment included: Real celebrities like
Ru Paul, or perhaps a celebrity look-a-like contest, and it all
could be a fund raiser type event, or a 'donations appreciated'
type thing. All monies recieved would go towards projects done
by Maine TransSupport, and projects that we participate in.

Antoinette sugguested that it would be a good thing to put on a
local theater production with TS community actors, but that such
an undertaking would require an experienced, more professional
director and producer.

We recieved a request for reimbursment, from Jean V. of MGRESS,
regarding the workshop given in Penobscott County. This should
wipe out our grant from the M.D.C., intended for this purpose.

Jamie has agreed to take on the responsibilities of 'Librarian'.

We closed the group a bit later than usual this time, feeling
that our time had been well spent with good company.

Sunday August 8, 1999

This month's meeting started with a short prayer to a 'Higher Power'.

Introductions were made, and we found among us some members and
board members of yester-year. Marty organized a gathering of TS
members from our not-so-distant past, for this months meeting, in
the hopes of offering leadership support to our groups current
board members, as well as being available to the group as a whole
for answering questions. It was very successful to that end, and
appreciated by all who attended.

Antoinette is working with the concept of starting a focus group in
Portland, to address the needs of those in the TG community with
disablities, preventing them from attending the support meetings
in Brunswick. For more info, on the 'focus' of the new group, you
should contact Antoinette.

It was mentioned that the newsletter would be greatly improved if
we could share some of the stories of our journeys. If you have a
story you'd like to share, please contact Trey.

Billie sugguested that a list be made up and handed out or posted
on the website, of herbal hormones, along with a safety note which
would reccomend usage ONLY under the care of a physician.

We all discussed the health pitfalls of female hormones; gall stones,
blood clots, hot flashes, and emotional disruptions, to name a few.

Pearls of Wisdom:
Most therapists need to be educated by the TG individual.
Not all TVs are on hormones or awaiting surgery. Some, more often
refered to as 'cross-dressers', choose to embrace their duality
without the use of hormones or sexual reassignment surgery.

Some dicussion around PR (TG community awareness), involved what's
already in place, such as an ad in the Lewiston Sun Journal, and
what's still needed. Some sugguestions included contacting other
newspapers such as the Portland Press Herald, Casco Bay Weekly, and
public service announcements.
Antoinette sugguested that members write 'letters to the editor' to
their local newspapers.

There is a need for, at least a few of, our members to be 'out', in
the sense of "the speak-out project", answering phone calls and letters
and interviewing prospective new members.

P.J. may be starting a 'female-to-male' focus group soon.

Someone made a sugguestion of inviting the 'Tiffany Club' members
to one of our meetings or events.

Jade has been asked to be our 'Events Coordinator', and has accepted.
The first order of business being a place, and theme for our
1st Annual Autumn TransGala, which will not be open to the public.
This will be a private TS event. Included is researching TG celebs in
our nearby area.

Antoinette sugguested that some of our members might want to be
trainned by the "Speak Out Project", and someday speak before
members of the community; educating and sharing our stories.

A short, 10 minute video was shown, addressing the "Speak Out Project".

MEGRESS will possibly put on another workshop in November.

Contact Jean Vermette at 207-862-2063, for informational/educational
packets, or regarding MEGRESS. Email

Next months meeting will be held at Marty's home, in Winthrop.
Members should contact Antoinette for directions.

Sunday September 12, 1999


Southern Maine Pride presents the "Leather & Lace Ball",
hosted by Lady Formica! The fund raising event will take place on
Saturday October 9, 1999, at 9:30pm. The ball is being held in
Portland at "Asylum" on Fore St.. Admission is $10.- at the door,
or call: 774-7800 for more ticket information.

There will be a 'pre-ball gathering' at the 'Speak Out Project'
office, located above "Amigo's Restaurant" in Portland, beginning at
4:30pm (you may arrive as early as 3:30pm to dress there), on the day
of the ball, 10-9-99. MSOP is at 9 Dana Street.

At our up-coming October TS meeting, one topic of discussion will be
responsibilities of our monthly newsletter. Members are asked to
consider our secretarial team of Jade and Trey for this task.

If you are interested in participating in 'Gay Pride 2000', it will be
mid-June in Portland.

Anyone interested in planning meetings for TS please call Antoinette.

If you have time and interest in making a banner for parades, we
need such volunteer work and will find money to help with materials.

Knowing many of us are not 'out', we are encouraging people to
turn out for "Pride", even not dressed up, and march with us.
We usually have several dressed up members, Jean T. and myself
in the past several years have carried the banner -- although we
didn't march as a group this last year, due to not having a banner.
I have an idea that is a bit more simple than a banner, if we can
get 12 people, each to carry a letter of T R A N S S U P P O R T.
But we really DO need a banner!

Please get involved. We need people interested in doing some work

Our books and a video are now in the Old Port SpeakOut Project
reading room - library, over 'Amigos Restaurant'.

As always, your input, ideas, and editorials are always welcome for
our newsletter.

Next Meeting: Sunday November 14, 1999 The usual time, in Brunswick.

Sunday November 14, 1999

Letters To The Editor

From: Debbie Purrington
Re: New Year's Cruise

I feel the idea of an event
sponsored by TransSupport,
for the transgendered
community, is an excellent
idea. I can see some
people have been putting
alot of time and effort
into making the upcoming
New Year's cruise possible.
I wish, however, that the
leadership of the group
please take a minute and
step back and think about
the following ideas:
I think the idea of a New
Year's party is great. I
question whether the
expense of the cruise can
be justified, at this time.
It may make more sense to
plan a less expensive New
Year's bash, and plan a
top notch transgendered
cruise late next summer or
early next fall.
My reasoning is that, it
will most likely be too
cold to be up on deck and
realize the benefit of $1000
3 hour boat rental. The
water in Maine is much more
enjoyable in the late summer
and early fall. My research
has found no takers for the
New Year's cruise; the
consensus is it will be too
cold, New Year's is a family
holiday, people want to spend
time with spouses and family
(not everyone has a supportive
spouse), it is the wrong time
of year to be out on the water,
there are big parties at local
clubs that members do not want
to miss, etc.
I have a real concern that the
group may commit to a $2000
expense and not be able to
cover even $500 in ticket
sales. Remember this is the
same group that can not get 12
members to attend a pride
parade in warm weather, let
alone 100 people to attend a
New Years cruise. This is to
short notice to properly
advertise the event. Most
major events start advertising
a year in advance. I am not
even sure the event notice
could be printed in Tapestry
prior to the event (remember,
Tapestry is a quarterly
publication, one issue every
3 months).
My suggestion would be as
follows; Scale down the
event on New Years to a
party at someone's home or a
group of members to going
and celebrating together.
Investigate boat rentals
in August or September
right now. We could even
look into an overnight
at a place like the
Chablique Inn (a gorgeous
inn on Great Chablique
Island with a deck and
rocking chairs overlook-
ing the water, private
golf course, dining room
and dance floor). Contact
a group like Tiffany club
that has sponsored an
event before, see if they
want to co-sponsor the
event or help out on the
event (The TransSupport
name is not well known
throughout the country.
We have no track record
for sponsoring an event.
Co-sponsoring with a
known group may give the
event more credibility.
Once we have a successful
event, people will know
who we are and what type
of an event we sponsor).
Get the groundwork done
by the end of November
and get a press release
out so it can be printed
in the first issue of
Tapestry in 2000.
Get press releases out
to all the major CD/T.S.
newsletters in December
so the event is advertised
in their January newsletters
(This will allow repeated
advertisements and also
allow people to schedule
vacation time, ect. If
you have any experience
with advertising a
single advertisement is
usually very ineffective.
People will have to see
ads in several months
newsletters before they
commit. This is the way
ads work, people see an
ad think it is a good
idea and forget about
it. The second or third
time they think about the
idea they act on the idea.
Anyone who ever advertised
an event or product will
tell you that. This is
why we see product X
advertised 6 times during
the Superbowl. They ain't
paying $1,000 per second
of ad time to repeat the
ad six times during the
same game for nothing).
My concerns are that we commit
to a $2000 expense and ticket
sales top out at a couple
dozen and we have to absorb
a $1500 loss. We may have
the money now, but will we
go broke next year? We have
lost a number of T.S.
members to a T.S. support
group, membership at meetings
has been much lower this year
(5 members last meeting).
Yes, when we had 20 some add
members we had a decent
income, what if we have
less than a dozen paying
members next year? Remember,
we do offer reduced or
bartered memberships to
certain members for a number
of reasons. It would be a
shame to spend all this
money on a cruise that such
a small percentage of the
membership plans to attend.
What would be even more
discouraging is that after
financing a $1500 loss on
the New Years Cruise, we
may not have the financial
resources to set up a warm
weather cruise, or other event that
may have a greater chance of being a
success, due to the warmer weather
and longer lead time to properly
advertise. I am also not sure if such
a large monetary sum can be committed
at a meeting with only 5 people in
attendance. There was not enough board
members present to conduct a board
meeting that afternoon. I am not sure
5 people represents a quorum for a
meeting. The members at the meeting
did not vote on this idea. My
understanding was that we were going
to see how much interest there was and
if we could sell enough tickets to cover
the costs. I was a little disturbed to
hear a statement that we should go ahead
and have the event even if we could not
sell any tickets. I think the idea of a
Trangendered event sponsored by
TransSupport is a great idea. I just
question weather a cruise in January
along the Maine coast is going to draw
the type of interest necessary to cover
the costs.
The intent of this letter is not to
pick on anyone or hurt anyone's
feelings. I realize a lot of time
and effort has gone into this. I
just feel the input I have been
hearing from people is it is a great
idea, but I can not make it, or it is
too cold, wrong time of the year to
be on the water, there are major
parties that some of us want to
attend, I will be with my family and
unavailable, etc.
It would be a crying shame to
bankrupt the group, or
seriously deplete the
groups financial resources, for
a handful of members and guest
to go on a 3 hour cruise.

Trans2000 Celebration!

This will be the first official event that MTS has sponsored.
Jade is our events coordinator, and has arranged for a New
Year's Cruise, with a professional DJ, for music and karyoke,
and there will be refreshments, as well as a cash bar. I would
like to encourage all members to attend and to help get the
word to the transgendered all over New England, as well as
the gay and lesbian communities will be very helpful. Ticket
Prices: $10.- members $20.- non members
*After December 1, 1999 Tickets Will Be $25.- For Everyone.

Public Awareness Push

One of the big issues facing our group is the lack of publicity,
or public awareness of MTS. It has been brought up at almost
every meeting since August 98, when I first joined. Many members
feel that it is important to get the word out to the whole of the
transgendered community in Maine, and up to now, that has not
been done sufficiently. In the past month, however, I have
contacted many tv stations, newspapers, and other media in the
southern Maine area, in an effort to find the best way to get the
word out. This week I issued a press release to the fore-
mentioned community resources. More public awareness news on
page 2.
Antoinette is looking into TV channel 4, a portland public access
station, helping our group to make a public service announcement
on video. If we can get a video psa made, most So. Maine
television stations will be willing and able to air it.

New Group Forming

Standish: Focus On Transgender Couples Issues
3rd Saturday of month at 12 noon. Call Tracy, at 642-6023 for
location. Next meeting scheduled for November 20, 1999.

Thanksgiving Dinner Meeting

Our next meeting will be Sunday November 14, 1999 at 5pm next
door to usual place in Brunswick. Coordination of the pot-luck
dinner is being handled by Tracy at 642-6023.

Other News...

We still need a banner, and help w/ programming. Call Antoinette
if you can help out: 774-7029

From The Desk Of The President...

Hi Debbie, TransSupport and TransSupporters,
I agree that such an undertaking as we are attempting with the
New Year's 2000 cruise is risky, yet I also believe we are a
community who lives on the edge and our daily lives demand
principled risks to who we are.
If this cruise were only inviting TransSupport members - we could
not do it. The only way we will pull this off is reaching out to
transsupporters, those friends, relatives and acquaintances who we
trust respect us and support us on our path.
The fact that it is winter, and in Maine usually very cold on New
Year's eve, I believe is not a major deterent - there is another
boat going out an hour later. The only deterent is not having
enough enthusiasm to pull this off, and I admit that all of your
concerns Deb, are good. I will address the number one, the fact
that the decision was made at a small meeting - however our board
myself, Robin, Jean T. and Tracy are in agreement on this idea -
risky as it is, we feel that this New Year is the time for us to
make such an effort not only to reach out to our group - and we
can draw members past and present together, but it is important to
be with friends and allies in the GLT community on this special
New Year's, one that comes but once in a millennium. I sugguest
and all of us reach those who can be enthusiastic about it, or it
will not work. I do want all of us to read Deb's e-mail and
whoever needs to call her and try to if not win her over to coming
with us, and I understand there are many reasons people will find
not to attend, yet we need everyone to help find others sympathetic
to our community who can and will, for this to be the success I am
a believer that it can and will be.
Finally, we need to come to the Thanksgiving dinner, all of us,
with our enthusiasm, not merely our doubts and fears. I wish to
thank Tracy and Seth for their creative energy putting things
together, not only this difficult effort they can not do alone -
must not do without our effort to make it a success. Perhaps
others who get this reply should respond in type as well - we can
share these in the newsletter. Perhaps it will be long but it
won't be boring.
Any way - see you all on the 14th when we hold our Thanksgiving
dinner (that will be held in the next door building to the Bruns-
wick church - upstairs in the nursery, so come prepared) and
discuss TransSupport, its future and ours.
I have a new telephone number - my old one is temporarily out, the
new one is 772-1323, which I cannot use for messages (let it ring
four times) if I'm home I'll pick it up, if not just try me again.
I'm usually home around suppertime, the exceptions being Thursday
and Friday nights when I'm at 797-8488, which you should call only
in an emergency. So please remember my new number 772-1323 -
but don't leave a message, as I can't retrieve it.
Antoinette, TransSupport President 1999

All letters to the editor which are printed here,
are the sole responsibility of the authors. This
newsletter does not vouch for the accuracy of
facts or opinions expressed therein.


Maine TransSupport has been trying, for months, to come up with
ideas for a major event. The goal here is to bring in new
members and get everyone interested in participation again.
All MTS board members have been contacted and agree that the
Trans2000 celebration is a good start.













Sunday December 12, 1999

For Your Information...

MYTH: All transvestites are gay.

This is a fear which haunts the
"average" transvestite in his early
stages of realization and development
of his transvestitism. But this, like
so many of the myths concerning
transvestitism and the transvestite,
is an oversimplification and
generalization which is quite popular
with law enforcement and judicial,
U.S. Customs and Immigration
authorities and with the general
populace. Since the Drag Queen and
transvestic prostitute are highly
visible members of the social
picture and dramatized on the
evening television news,
occasionally in television
"dramas" and the print media the
"average" transvestite is,
naturally painted with the same
brush even though in truth few
"average" TVs are gay or engage
in same-sex sex acts. In fact,
MOST transvestites are hetero
while only a small minority are
Bi-sexual or exclusively homosexual.
This latter statement is supported
by the results of a study done by
Dr. Wardell Pomeroy (director of
the San Francisco based Institute
for the Advanced Study of Human
Sexuality) which found that 68%
of crossdressing males are
exclusively heterosexual while
only 50% of non- crossdressing
males are exclusively heterosexual.

Starting next month (Jan. 2000),
the newsletter will be mailed
quarterly (Jan / April / July /
Oct). Monthly updates will still
be available on the website.

-The Editor

Trans2000 Celebration!

It's time to buy your tickets for the New Year's Cruise,
with a professional DJ (music and karyoke), refreshments,
and a cash bar, and fireworks, over Casco Bay, at midnight.
All members are encouraged to attend and to help get the
word to the G.L.T. all over New England.
Ticket Prices: $25.- Per Person

Public Awareness Push

Antoinette is looking for help from one or two members,
to make a video PSA (public service announcement) for
TransSupport. If we can get a one made, most Maine
television stations will be willing and able to air it.