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January 2001



Announcing ... The Pervert's Promenade!
A Fashion Show For Fun and Fantasy!
Saturday, March 31, 2001 7:30pm to 1:00 am
(which becomes April Fool's Day!)
The Elks Lodge, Route 196, Lewiston Maine
$25.00 per person / prepaid tickets only.
Must be 21+ Years of Age to Attend (Please bring ID)
CUFSmaine's first annual Pervert's Promenade promises
to be a night to remember! Please join us for an evening
of fine dining, dancing, and BDSM contests! Wear your
wildest BDSM / Drag / Gothic / Mardi Gras costumes!
Almost anything goes (no genital nudity, no thongs, and
ladies cannot have exposed nipples)! Drag out the
fishnets and corsets.....and have your wife wear something
interesting, too! :)
The evening begins with a buffet dinner of hors d'oeuvres,
salad, lasagna, chicken, carved roast beef, meatballs,
sausages, and hot rolls. Yummy!
A cash bar will be available all evening until last call at
12:30am. Then, dance the night away to the selections of the
talented Mr. Joshua or enter one of our BDSM themed contests
- Doms and subs will get to show off their skills in front of
the crowd....who's really talented with 100 feet of rope??
Can you actually 'bob for ball gags?' Maybe the blindfolded
Dom/sub relay race is more to you liking.....or you can cheer
on your favorite team and join in the voting process.
Everyone has fun!
Our highlight of the evening will be the Attendees Fashion
Promenade! Strut your stuff on the catwalk and show off your
best BDSM wardrobe! We will be crowning Mr. and Ms. BDSM
(Best Dressed Sado/masochist) as well as best Drag King and
Queen and Best Gothic King and Queen! The Elks Lodge of
Lewiston does not allow play - but hey! We still know how to
raise hell and have a great time!
Tickets will be sold at the upcoming CUFSmaine February Munch,
at the next ME-TNG Munch in Portland, at the Underground Dance
club during Monday night BDSM 'Requiem', and through snail
mail at: CUFSmaine, PO Box 763, Lisbon, ME. 04250
Directions, official dress code, rules, and contest entry forms
will be sent out with tickets.
Tickets MUST be purchased on or before Friday, March 23, 2001
- no tickets will be sold at the door.
We hope you will join us for a great evening of Fun, Fashion,
and Fantasy :)

Jean Vermette of MEGRESS
Well folks, another eventful year comes to an end and plans are
being made for 2001. I hope all who read this have had a
supportive and evolutionary 2000, have made great strides in
their own personal growth, and are looking forward to as exciting
a 2001 as I am.

This is actually going to be my last regular submission for the
Transsupport newsletter. I promised Tracy that I would provide
articles for 4 issues (one year). This brings that particular
committment to an end, and I plan on bowing out for next year as
there are a number of projects (both trans and non-trans) that
will need as much of my time as they can get.

The year 2000 was a very busy one on the transgender front.
Maine Gender Resource And Support Service conducted a total
of six day-long workshops to train mental health professionals
about trans and intersex issues and another 17 presentations to
various student, business, legislative and public audiences
(educating another 185 professionals and about 800 "other" folks).

Because of specific requests from professionals, we are in the
process of developing a day-long workshop that will train mental
health professionals and school counselors about transgendered
youth and adolescents and we hope to start presenting that around
the state in the spring.

I also need to catch up on my reading and research on intersex
issues and on transgender legal issues so that we can think about
developing workshops to cover those areas as well. I estimate
that if all I did was read that material (and didn't even bother
to work to pay my rent) it would take several months just to get
caught you can see that I have quite a job ahead of me.

Finally, and this might actually involve some of you folks who are
reading this, we want to produce some posters about transgender
issues that we could make available to mental health and school
professionals to put up in their offices. A number of mental
health professionals have been asking us about this as a way for
them to let their clients know that the professional is aware of
transgender issues and that is it OK to discuss them in the office
or school.

I am thinking that these posters would probably combine basic
info dispelling the negative myths about transgenderism together
with photos of transgendered folks so that the viewer could see
that we are happy, adjusted, professional, productive members of
society. There would also probably be two or three different
posters produced. Of course these are just in the conceptual
stages at this point, but if anyone reading this thinks that
he/she/they might like to participate in some way (either in
front of or behind the camera), then get in touch with me and we
can talk about it further to see if/where you might want to join immediate committment expected. I can be contacted by
phone at: 207-862-2063 or by email at .

Have a great 2001, and I hope to hear from some of you.

Love, Jean Vermette

There will be NO MORE MAILINGS of the newsletter.
I will still update this website as information is given to me.

- The Editor

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